A Foolproof Database Booking System

guarteed wedding dj booking systemThe key to our worry-free service is our computerized booking system and our multiple systems. We place your information into our custom created database. Your confirmation letters and our information sheet are all generated from this single common source eliminating any possibility of error. We also have backup systems and DJs for a guaranteed worry-free booking that a single person service simply can’t offer.

Worry About the Flowers Arriving Not the D.J.

flowersWe get calls every year from people desperately looking for a DJ because there’s has backed out. Since beginning more than 20 years ago, Sundance Disc Jockeys has never missed a booking. Don’t trust your event to anyone that can’t match that record.

The Music You Want to Hear

DJ music listOur first priority is the music. We keep the party going by playing the music you and your guests want to hear. Our complete music list of more than 10,000 songs is available by Email anytime before your event. It’s AtoZ by artist. Just delete the songs your not interested in and email it back for the DJ to use in addition to the requests.

Our Selection Is Second To None

We carry the most requested and popular music of the last 60 years. In addition to all the classics, we update our music monthly with the latest chart topping hits. But don’t take our word, ask and we will email our list out for you to see.

We Play Your Guests’ Requests

Sundance plays the music you and your guests request. We place request cards on tables and encourage your friends and family to tell us what they want to hear. It is these requests and your guests’ reaction on the dance floor that determines the unique selection for your special evening.

Our Disc Jockeys Make Your Day Special

wedding Dj in Owen SoundAt Sundance we don’t just play great music. Our disc Jockeys are always friendly and approachable. They’re trained to talk over the mic and to get people up and dancing. They ask for requests and are available to make any annoncements or help you promote any games or draws. Our system can also be setup early for speeches or dinner music.


Competitive Rates

Our fee is based on providing the best, most reliable musical entertainment at a rate you can afford. We do not have any last minute “hidden charges”. The price you are quoted is the price we stick to. We break our price down to show you exactly what you are paying for and we offer offnight and Buck & Doe discounts as well as attractive dinner music rates. Call us and we would be happy to provide an obligation free price.

Our Promise to You

Sundance Disc Jockeys is committed to providing consistent and reliable music. Our Disc Jockeys are trained to make your Wedding Dance a memorable and enjoyable evening. We are always available prior to your day to answer any questions or to provide consultation.

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